Instruments Chalktown

Chalktown play at a wide variety of events, including Festivals, Ceilidh Series, Club Events, Functions and Weddings. We work with a number of callers, who explain the dances, including Sheena Masson, Gordon Potts, Nick Walden and Adam Hughes. The callers are able to pitch the level of the dances to the particular audience at each function, from very simple dances for those inexperienced at ceilidhs, to the more complex dances to challenge the avid ceilidh buffs.

The four members of Chalktown work in a variety of guises and are able to offer ceilidhs, concerts, bops and workshops, as a full band, as a duo or as individuals.

The band is equally at home playing for ceilidhs, sit down concerts or a stand up "bops", their big sound filling the larger festival venues. Chalktown also have wide experience of running workshops and the band includes members who work professionally as instrument teachers. Workshops offered range from the individual instruments of the band members - including guitar, percussion and melodeon - to playing in groups, arranging tunes for performance and writing tunes in a traditional style. The band members are each well respected exponents of their instruments and bring interesting new angles to their workshops, encouraging participants to broaden their minds and reach new heights, making festivals an inspirational experience.

To discuss your festival requirements in further detail, please drop us a line. See the Contact Us page for details.

Ceilidhs are great at weddings as they are enjoyed by young and old alike. Chalktown have wide experience of playing at weddings and are happy to tailor the evening to your exact requirements, to help make your day extra special.

Chalktown provide a caller who explains the moves before each dance, then guides you through the figures whilst the music is playing. For weddings callers tend to use the more simple dances that everyone can join in, though are able to use more complex dances if there are more experienced dancers in the room.

Chalktown provide a PA system and are able to adapt to most rooms, from the smaller hotel function rooms, through to larger halls. If you have a favourite CD you wish to use for a first dance we can play it for you, or can play a suitable waltz for you to smooch to.

To discuss your requirements in further detail, please drop us a line. See the Contact Us page for details.